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Tired of thick, heavily padded fitness gloves that are too hot and don’t provide the grip you need when working out?

TheFitGrip gloves have a sleek one-layer design that protects the key areas of your hands without restricting their movement. The minimal design allows you to maintain a secure, natural-feeling grip.

They’re made from a lightweight, moisture-wicking material that helps to keep your hands cool and dry during CrossFit and weight training workouts.

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  • Maximum Grip

    The FitGrip glove possesses a specialised lightweight material that provides maximum grip when exercising. Our gloves also help to prevent those nasty calluses.

  • Natural Feel

    The FitGrip glove was designed to feel as natural and non-restricting as possible, our gloves only cover the essential grip related areas of your hands. The open-palmed design also allows you to still wear your beloved wrist straps.

  • Moisture Wicking

    The FitGrip glove was designed to include moisture-wicking materials which ensure your sweat doesn't get in the way whilst working out. To make them even better our gloves are also machine washable meaning they can smell good all year round!

Why TheFitGrip?

The market is flooded with gloves for Crossfit and working-out however we noticed that these gloves were always too invasive, they either cover the whole hand, are made with thick padding or have straps that get in the way.

What we wanted to engineer was a glove that felt as if you were only using your hands. By analysing the hand we identified the problem areas and managed to design a glove that is as minimal as possible whilst providing maximum grip and allowing you to have the most natural feel whilst performing.

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